As John's home is situated in South, many of us met at Jennifer's to go down in a convoy as for many of us Northerners, anything past the Lighthouse is akin to a foreign country. (Just kidding!) The house is situated on a hill and as you ente r the driveway, you are gr eeted by an extremely tall and stately Bismarck palm (Bismarckia nobilis) with its beautiful silver grey leaves standing out against the blue skies. The base of the pa lm is surrounded by a myriad of small shrubs like Scheffleras ,Crotons, Acalyphas and Pseuderanthemums interspe rsed by a number of different palms including a Bottle palm, a Spindle palm (whi ch is similar in appearance to the Bottle but more slender in shape and grows taller than the Bottle palm), the ever popular red Sealing wax palm and a Foxtail palm. In between the palm s, there was a plant hanger which held two beautiful flowering Bougainvilleas.

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