A great big thank you to Damian Castagne for hosting the Garden Club of Trinidad for this November meeting. The garden of his famed gardener sister June, is simply beautiful, the reputation of which well preceded the meeting. This, I'm sure, played a part in us having a large turnout for a lovely meeting. It was lovely to see so many avid gardeners gathered to enjoy the garden and the company of each other. 
Dr Gerard Fardan had a talk about a useful "byproduct" of gardening - composting.  He was able to convey the usefulness and the fun of composting to those present. Click here for more pics of Damien's garden.
The photo quiz was well attended with some fun guesses made at the more difficult pictures. The bios for all the pictured plants will be posted, as per all the others. These quizzes serve to teach and as time passes, the online access to all the quizzes will serve as a encyclopedia of tropical plants for all to access and enjoy.
Happy gardening to all, and to all, happy gardening. 
Click here for more pics of this beautiful garden.