On Sunday 26th May, the Garden Club and friends traveled by maxi taxi to visit Bert Manhin's La Vega Estate and Garden Centre in Gran Couva.   
La Vega Estate is a combination of Plant Nursery, Nature Park and Pool Facility.  The Garden Centre has a wide range of plants, including ornamentals, fruit trees, herbs and vegetables, most of which are produced in the green houses at La Vega.   
Bert took everyone on a tour of the estate and pointed out many exotic fruit trees, ornamental plants and local versions of foreign vegetables.   He cultivates a wide assortment of fruit trees from around the world some of which include rambutan, durian, longan, mangoes, sugar apples, giant peeway and dongs, sweet passion fruit, to name a few.
Sincere thanks Bert for a very enjoyable and informative day.  We highly recommend a visit to your La Vega.