Katy Bennett's informative talk on Amaryllis Lilies

How to time flowers for a special occasion (approximately 6 weeks)


a) Leave bulbs to dry out for 3 months in a dry place with no direct sunlight

b) Sprinkle Sevin powder around them to prevent worms and caterpillars.

c) Do not cut off leaves, they give strength to the bulbs

By the end of 3 months, all leaves are brown and dead. 


a) Clean off all dead leaves.

b) Repot bulbs in pots approx. 2″ larger around bulbs

c) Soil must be light, loose and well drained

d) Bulbs must be one third above the soil, do not bury

e) Remove small bulbs around mother plant and plant in other pot – these may take 2 to 3 years to grow and flower.  They will be identical to the mother bulb.


a) Place pots with bulbs into good light – not direct sun, for approx. 2 days.

b) Water well with liquid bloom booster fertilizer

c) After 2 days, place them in full sun

d) Water every day, they must not dry out

e) Give them liquid bloom booster fertilizer every 3rd and 4th day (half strength)


a) Buds will be showing 2 or 3 stalks

b) Some will grow foliage

c) It will take approx. 6 weeks for the flowers to be in full bloom

d) Some may flower later, some earlier.

e) To slow down the flowering process, place in fridge for a couple of days

f) Bring back out in good light but not in full sun


a) Black seeds are at the top of the stalk

b) Place them in pot with loose soil and cover to grow

c) These will be all different colours, single, semi double and double – not like the mother bulb.