our executive 2022-2023

The Executive Committee for the Garden Club is as follows: 

Lorraine Agostini – President:   agostinilm@gmail.com

Gerard Farfan – Vice President : gafarfan@gmail.com

Janice Potter – Secretary:   janicepotter26@gmail.com

Jennifer Knaggs – Treasurer :   jenknaggs@gmail.com

Marion D’Almada:   m_dalmada@yahoo.com

Heather Jacelon :   heatherjacelon@gmail.com

Maureen Manchouck    kimi66m2@gmail.com

Sonia Lisa Ross :   sonialisa@rotoplastics.co.tt

From left to right –

Sonia Lisa Ross, Marion D’Almada, Heather Jacelon, Gerard Farfan, Jennifer Knaggs, Janice Potter and Lorraine Agostini


Missing: Maureen Manchouck

“ The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.”

Hanna Rion