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Mar'24 San Antonio

Outing to San Antonio Farms

What a fairytale setting it was at San Antonio Farms. Members and their guests had not realised the treat that was in store for them, with its exquisite collection of lush green plants.

Feb'24 Wild Fowl Trust

Outing to the Wild Fowl Trust

Eden, paradise, Shangri-la, Wild Fowl Trust. All should be synonyms for each other. What a spectacular property! This outing was a trip to remember for a very long time.

Jan'24 Meeting

January Garden Visit

Twenty twenty-four could not be off to a better start! Our first meeting of the year was at the beautiful garden of Denise Hackett. What a stunner! Denise, thank you for having us.

Calendar of Events

Saturday 18th May ’24

Jennifer Avey

Speaker : Paul Fajgenbaum on Orchidls.

Show bench  ; Orchid


Saturday 22nd June ’24

Grania de Gannes

Annual General Meeting


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“ We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”

Jane Miller