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Mille Fleur Tea Party Mar23

The Garden Club hosted a Tea & Garden Party on Sunday 26th March at Mille FLeurs, Savannah West.

Katy Bennett's informative talk on Amaryllis Lilies

How to time flowers for a special occasion (approximately 6 weeks).   

Warszewiczia coccinea cv. “David Auyong”

Double Chaconia by Dr Johnny Lee

A 12 month diary of gardening tips

Kindly prepared by Judith Procope

Lemon Grass sent in By George de Verteuil

article is by Allison Kaplan on the health benefits of Lemon Grass


The Universal Christmas Bloom by Dr. Johnny

Repotting A Cattleya Orchid

Notes taken during a practical demonstration by Sandy Gibson at the Garden Club meeting at his home in Santa Cruz

“ Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.”

Jane Miller