Meeting at Donna & Douglas Bennet's Garden

The heavens opened early on Saturday afternoon – effects of the feeder bands from a tropical storm.   Lots of phone calls – should we cancel the meeting?  Is the meeting still on?   The food was collected in the midst of heavy rain and the decision taken to go ahead on learning from our host that it appeared to be clearing up in St. Augustine.
A good decision as a real treat was in store for us – a very large, beautifully kept garden.   The drizzle was intermittent all afternoon but this did not deter members from walking around – some with umbrellas! – and admiring.
Donna Bennett and her husband, Douglas, were very gracious hosts and we are so grateful to them for affording us this opportunity.   Donna is obviously very creative.   Her use of ‘old man’s beard’ was a big talking point.   In one area, it was draped over a chain link fence which it completely covered.   Halfway down the fence there were pots of trailing succulents which covered the pots – a very unique way of creating a privacy fence.    On one part of the porch there were hanging baskets with the ‘old man’s beard’ trailing and hiding the pots which had purple flowers in the middle.   Was it salvia? No one was sure.
Another unique feature was the display of bromeliads.     These were grouped in a semi-circle at different heights – the top ones being placed on their side on top of a specially built table.    The irrigation system was also unique – all done with PVC.
Sadly, the sun did not shine so the photos are rather dull but that certainly was not the mood of the 18 members present!
There were no entries for the showbench – rain was the reason – so the plant prizes were sold off to members.    Most took part in the photoquiz after which Lorraine gave us the names of all the plants and a brief description.  
Lorraine gave a short talk on upcoming plans.   She advised that work was done at the St. Anns roundabout where we plan to put in an irrigation system and hopefully get a sponsor.   Members were asked to let us know if they knew of anyone.   Also, our plans to meet the President of the National Trust with our offer to landscape Mille Fleur.   Our plant sale will be on 12th November – hopefully at Boy Scouts Headquarters – whilst our Christmas party will be a luncheon at Paprika restaurant on Sunday 11th December.