Meeting at Dr Ross and Sharon Millar's Garden

The first meeting of the year was held at the beautiful home of Dr. Ross Millar and his lovely wife, Sharon. It really was such a treat to wander in the garden and wonder at the hillside challenges. Good job Millars! 

We were blessed with not just an amazing collection of less common plants but with a little show starring an aviary of winged friends and a very curious (maybe hungry) feline foe.


Our president spoke to the lack luster participation of many of us and has underlined the need for more members to attend the meetings and offer gardens, or suggestions of gardens, for us to hold future meetings at. We are all guilty of sitting back and letting everything happen, as if my magic. Please let us all realize that this is a club and not a class nor only a social gathering. Those on the board are elected to guide the direction of the club and are happy to do the work but do need the support of the members throughout the year. Give not just criticism but suggestions and offer solutions. 


The meeting was well attended and we all had the honour of hearing our very own Anna Pantin-Daniel talk about garden watering systems. We all learnt a lot. Thank you Anna. The photo quiz has become a staple and was attempted by some of those present. Every month 10 plants are show-cased and their bios uploaded. Over time we will all have a large resource just a few clicks away. Please keep doing the quiz. It’s not easy to prepare. Who cares if you don’t know any answers. We are here to learn.

Maybe the attendees had prior knowledge of the food as this was a real spoiling. The drinks too were extra nice, as though competing with the food. All in all it was a lively and lovely meeting and a good time was had by all. We look forward to the meeting in February at the home of our lovely Simone Taylor.