Meeting at Marion d'Almada's Garden

Marion, Marion, Marion, what a treat your garden was! You have created a magical space for your enjoyment and I thank you for sharing it with the club for our first meeting of 2023.
A lovely stone pathway meanders past beautiful plantings on both sides, studded with “architectural surprises”, then opens up to a charming sitting area adjacent to an equally charming pool.  A bromeliad collection along the pathway and around the pool are nothing short of gorgeous. The flowering orange Aechmea being the jewel in the crown.  Just around the corner the magic continues with a beautifully planted garden and an array of potted specimens and hanging beauties. Eye candy for all to enjoy. 
Janice Potter was laid up with a broken ankle and was missed by all. Janice we all wish you a very speedy recovery. 
The meeting was well attended and very lively. The membership was brought up to speed with ongoing projects such as St. Ann’s roundabout, Mille Fleurs and a tea party that is currently being planned at said Mille Fleurs, for the end of March.
Our speaker was Jason Hoating. He educated us on Vermi-Compost. He was BRILLIANT! Everyone was so captivated and many of us will be giving his products a try. 
The show bench was “Bromeliads” and some really lovely specimens were presented. Thank you to all who contributed.
Our photo quiz will be back in February.
The meeting culminated in a lovely sharing of food and drink and in much cheerful banter before we all went our merry way, until we all meet again at O’Farrell’s farm in Santa Cruz on Sunday 26th February at 10 am