Meeting at Lyn Murray's Garden

The Club had the lofty pleasure of having the October meeting at the home of everyone’s head girl, Lyn Murray. And what a wonderful meeting it was!

The sky was grey but everything else was so cheerful and bright. Lyn has done a SUPERB job of updating her patch of paradise. The combinations of colours, textures and leaf sizes, along with wonderful flowering specimens, was a treat for all. 

Lyn, you have successfully filled your house with art and just as successfully created a masterpiece in your garden. Congratulations my dear friend. 

The meeting was very lively and this was in no small part due to our guest speaker, Aaron Barcant. He was so passionate and enthusiastic about his expertise that we were all riveted. We were educated on microorganisms and their role in the soil. It was hard to stop asking questions and most if not all of us were fully drawn in. Congratulations to him on an EXCELLENT talk. We look forward to seeing more of him. 

The photo quiz may have taken a bit of a back seat at this meeting but soon the electronic version will be up for all to enjoy. 

This was our last regular meeting for the year. We have our annual plant sale to look forward to in November and our Christmas Lunch in December. This year the plant sale would be at Boy Scouts Headquarters in St. Ann’s and the lunch would be held at Paprika Bistro in Westmall. Details to be announced soon.