On Saturday 25th April, members were invited to visit the Lazzari orchid collection, down the islands.

John and Suzy were kind enough to take us all in their boat.  The caretaker showed us around the garden where masses of brilliant bougainvillea bloomed and of course hundreds of spectacular orchids.  Due to the Lazzari's desalination machine he is able to water the orchids every day with a mixture of Superthrive and Jack's Professional Water Soluble fertilizer.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Janice and had a slice of delicious chocolate cake. A wonderful day, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. 

Click here to view some photos of the orchids and members enjoying the day. 

A Mixed Pot Competition was announced.  The pots must be no smaller than 12" and no bigger than 18".  These pots can be any combo such as cacti, succulents, sun loving and shade loving etc.  Just make sure that any pot you are using you can carry.  These mixed pots will be judged at the 16th May Meeting at Marion D'Almada's garden.   Good Luck Everybody.

Please remember that the Garden Club's annual plant sale will be help on Sat 8th November at the Boy's Scouts Headquarters.  Any members who are willing to help on the day of the sale are asked to contact Lyn Murray.  Members are also asked to collect boxes for the sale and to drop them off on either Friday 7th or early Saturday morning.  Bags would also be appreciated.

The sale is our biggest fundraiser for the year and we would therefore appreciate all the help we can get.